SINCE 1971, MONGERSON GALLERY has specialized in paintings and sculpture from our country’s Westward Expansion. Along with this specialty, other related fields such as American Impression, Early Modern and Contemporary have been a focus within our collection.

The legacy of Mongerson Gallery dates back to its foundation in 1971 by Mel Mongerson and Susan Wunderlich. Following in his family’s footsteps, Tyler Mongerson joined the gallery in the 1990s and eventually assumed operations in 1999. He established himself as a knowledgeable authority on period Western artwork and bronzes, and was sought after for his expertise by esteemed institutions such as the Thomas Gilcrease Museum, The National Cowboy Hall of Fame, and The Rockwell Museum. Under Tyler’s leadership, the gallery flourished and underwent significant transformations. It relocated to a new space in Chicago’s vibrant West Town and has expanded its focus to include the works of Surrealists like Gertrude Abercrombie and Julia Thecla. It also showcases the art of important Black artists from Detroit, including Charles McGee and Harold Neal.